Saturday, May 20, 2006

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This started off as a dare from a friend of mine, Carrie. She dared me to go to the beach with just a towel on and lay out naked. BTW: It is illegal to even go topless on Project Voyeur beaches in So Cal. The weekend was gorgeous. I decided it was now or never for the towel dare. I decided to kick it up a notch and not tell my friends. I suggested we go down to a different part of the beach to see if there were any cute guys down there and they thought it was a good idea. We had to drive down there since everyone was a little hungover and did not feel like walking or rollerblading. That could have been a whole other story itself.

Wanting to surprise them I wore a little skirt and top in the car and brought only my towel. When we got there, everyone started towards the beach and I said I needed to go back to the car because I forgot my suntan lotion. I told them I would catch up. When I got back to the car I took off my top and skirt and wrapped my towel around me. It was about the size of a large bath towel. Project Voyeur Not too small but definitely not a large beach towel. I was starting to get wet already. My nipples were rock hard and I was getting very nervous. I knew there was no turning back now.

When I arrived at our spot for the day, my friends were setting up their stuff and taking off their coverups. As I said before I had convinced a couple of my friends to wear thongs a little while a go, so they did not have on too much more than me, but they would definitely attract attention our way. They had picked a spot that was sort of near the mounds of sand, so nobody would see us from behind and we were partially hidden on one side. It was still a little early in the day and not many people were around. Several people were walking along the water.
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I got a couple of funny looks from my friends when I showed up with my towel wrapped around me. My friend Joey asked what I was up to. I then, in what seemed like one move, pulled my towel off and laid it down on the sand and quickly laid down on my stomach.

My friends nearly dropped dead right there. Joey immediately knew what was going on. She said did Carrie put you up to this? I proceeded to tell her the dare you and I had made and about the microminimus bikini dare. I told them that they were not wearing much more than I was. The real Project Voyeur test was when I turned over. Joey immediately began daring me to turn over. I told here that I wanted to work on tanning my butt first. I needed to calm down for a while before I got all excited again. I told them that they needed to be on the look out for the beach patrol. I didn't know what I was going to do but I did not want a ticket or to get arrested.

After about a half hour I finally gave into Joey's constant pressure and decided to turn over. I had not really looked around while lying on my stomach, but when I looked up before Project Voyeur turning over, the beach had a few more people on it. Not too close though. I also noticed more people walking along the shore. I probably did not stand out too much since a couple of my friends had thongs on. It probably looked like I had one on also since I had a good thong tanline. I thought that might help me when I turned over.

I thought of you and with confidence just turned over and acted like it was no big deal. I am totally shaved so, from a distance it looked like I had bottoms on. My top was a different story. Since I had gone topless a few times my triangle top tan was pretty much gone. I propped my self Project Voyeur up on my elbows and surveyed the area to see if anyone had noticed. I did not see anyone overtly looking our direction, but I knew that would probably change.

My friends could not believe I was doing it. I said it was actually no big deal. I kept saying they did not have much more on than me, but in my mind I knew that there was a big difference between having something covering my pussy and breasts and being completely naked.

After talking about it for 15 minutes. I decide to dare one of them to Project Voyeur do it also. Julie and Donna immediately said no way. Joey was a little slower in answering and I knew I could get her to do it. She said no way but I kept at her. After 10 minutes of pressure, I convinced her to take her top off. She had done it once before down near the nude beach, but no one was around. I said I would help her and quickly untied her top and passed it over to Julie who promptly put it in her bag so she could not get at it easily.

As soon as she leaned back, a couple of guys walked by about 20 feet in front of us. We had not noticed them because we were so concerned with Joey. Joey quickly flipped over, but it was too Project Voyeur late for me. I just decided to tilt my head back and go with the flow. I thought it would be better if I did not look directly at them. I was getting very turned on from the thought of the guys seeing me totally naked. My nerves were on overload.

After they passed on, my friends were all over me. They could not believe I didn't flip over. I tried to play it off as no big deal. I quickly began trying to get Joey to turn back over. She said that since I had the nerve to just lay there naked in front of two guys, she would turn back over.

After another hour of talking about how being naked was making me so excited,v I began to try to get Joey to take her thong off. She kept saying no but I knew she wanted to. I said what do I have to do to get her thong off. She thought long and hard and dared me to walk down to the water and back. I said no way. Something else, anything else. She said that was the only thing. I decided that if I was going to do it then she had to do it with me, at least topless. Now the ball was back in her court.

Joey had never walked around topless before. I had done it a couple of times near the nude beach, but Joey had only been topless on her towel. Julie and Donna started egging her on. They pretty much pulled her up and started dragging her towards the water. She finally succumbed and agreed to Project Voyeur do it. The ball was now in my court again. I looked around and there wasn't anybody walking along the shore, so I decided to do it. I got up fast and pretty much ran towards the water with my friends in tow. Now imagine this site: one girl in a regular bikini, one girl in a thong bikini, one girl topless in a thong bikini, and one naked girl running towards the water. I did not look back but could only imagine how many people were looking. We got to the water and after stepping into it remembered that it was freezing still. So there we stood for a second. I looked back to see who was looking. The beach was not too crowded. Actually there were only probably 20 people with in a couple hundred yards of us. But all eyes were on us.v Deciding that the safest place was on our towels, I began to run back, breasts bouncing and all. What I failed to realize was my friends were not with me. As a joke, they stayed at the water. By the time I reached the towel my body was quivering with excitement. I had just given everybody on the beach the show of their life.

After my friends got back to the towels, they teased me for a bit. Joey was getting comfortable being topless, but now it was time to take off her thong. Surprisingly, she just whipped it off, even though everyone was pretty much still looking at us. She has an excellent body and she looked good naked. Now we were getting a lot of attention.
About 10 minutes later a couple of guys had the guts to walk over to us. They were really cute and since they had seen me run the beach naked I just laid there with out turning over. Joey seeing me not turn over, didn't turn over either. We started talking with the guys and as with most guys, they could take their eyes off our naked bodies. I was so turned on. I was lucky my pussy didn't start dripping. Donna, wanting to spice things up, asked the guys what they thought about us being naked. We could see the bulges in their pants. They thought we were very brave.

After talking for another half hour the guys invited us to a party back at their house. They said we could come like we were. I said "nice try but we will be a little more appropriately dressed. A little more, not much more." This got them really jumping. Project Voyeur

We decided to leave after that. Joey didn't bother putting her bikini back on. She had a small sarong and a matching mesh crop top. She was getting more daring by the minute. I wrapped my towel around me and we were off. What a day. I was so excited I could barely contain myself.

We decided to go the party. I was so turned on and feeling sexy that I wore this tiny tube dress with no panties. Joey later said she felt the same way and she had a little mini skirt on and crop top and no panties. We met up with the guys and as a friend of mine likes to say we had a fucking great time.
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