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Project VoyeurIt was the first time Linda regretted the attention-grabbing flash of her silver Mercedes. She absolutely loved the car, but even in this affluent suburb it stuck out. And after what she'd done to that man back at the hamburger place, jerking him off to the point of orgasm and then raking her nails across his groin, leaving him desperate to come and bleeding, she needed to vanish. Her furious victim gave chase, but she beat him to the light and flew down the road like a NASCAR veteran. Still, it wouldn't be a bad idea to lay low for a bit. It was almost three, she Project Voyeurhad a some time to kill before she made the final stop on her adventure. Plenty of time for more fun.

She found the perfect spot another quarter-mile down the road. Another shopping complex, but this one had a small parking garage at the far left wing. She drove to the gate and took a ticket and parked near the attendant's booth. Her car wasn't visible from the road or even the parking lot. Excellent.
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There was a giant bookstore in the center and that's where Linda's long legs took her. She needed a breather, to let her nerves settle a bit. But as she walked around she saw so many gorgeous men, and so many hungry eyes starting at her tits, that she started looking for her next plaything.

She browsed the shelves, not really looking for anything, just fitting in. She picked a huge coffee-table book on the villas of Tuscany and sat in a big, cushioned leather chair, one of six set in a circle around a low table. A man was sitting acProject Voyeurross from her, in his fifties, with iron-gray hair and piercing blue eyes. He was tan and wearing faded blue jeans and cowboy boots and his eyes never left her as she arranged herself in the chair and crossed her legs. He smiled at her and she smiled back.

She pretended to read. So did the man across from her. In her peripheral vision she could see his eyes lifting above his book to look at her. She lifted the book, hooking her fingerProject Voyeur in the hem of her skirt, and she recrossed her legs. His eyes followed her, and she knew her pussy was showing when he's cool eyes suddenly widened. She rubbed her thighs together and glanced up at him. He was staring at her now, and he stared back, that sly smile on his face. Project VoyeurLinda smiled back.

She stood and replaced her book on the shelf. The man in the jeans followed her. She walked toward the history section, glancing back to see if she was being followed. She was. He didn't chase after her, there was no escape, the section she walked intProject Voyeuro was a dead end. He took his time, and that turned Linda on enormously. He was patient, a most valuable virtue in a lover.

She stood on one side of a bookcase, he walked along the other side. No one was in this section, they had it all to theProject Voyeurmselves. As she walked Linda slowly unbuttoned her blouse, one button at time, letting the soft silk brush loosely against her breasts. There was a gap on the shelves, in the books on Soviet military history, and Linda stopped there and pulled open her shirt. The man, peeking through the opening, stopped whProject Voyeuren he saw her.

"Peek a boo," she whispered through the opening.

They walked down the aisle until they were facing each other. "My shirt came undone," she said innocently.
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"Forgot your panties too," he said, moving close to her. He put his hands on her breasts, rubbing his palms over her nipples.
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"Would you help me button it?"

He ran his thumbs over her nipples and she bit her lip. "I'd rather take your skirt off instead."

She was melting inside. "Here, right now?"

"Right now."
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She took his right hand and lifted it to her mouth. "You take my skirt off right now," she put his thumb in her mouth, "you can fuck me."

Now it was his turn to bite his lip. He said, "My wife is around here somewhere, give me your number and we can meeProject Voyeurt sometime."

She took his thumb out of her mouth and let his hand fall to her side. "Sorry, my moods come and go. Either you fuck me right here, right now, or..." She shrugged her shoulders, and as her breasts wobbled he licked his lips.
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A woman's voice broke the heavy silence. "Jerry, are you back here?" He jerked back and walked away, up his side of the shelf, and Linda pivoted away to her side. A man with a thick brown beard appeared from around the corner, mesmerized by a book about the CivilProject Voyeur War. His point of interest changed when he saw Linda, her blouse wide open, the nipples topping her big breasts tight and stiff.

"Oh, my," he mumbled, his jaw falling open.

"Could you do me a favor?" she asked.


"My shirt popped open. Could you help me button it?"

"Uhhh." He was staring at her tits like he'd never seen a pair before.

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"Uh, OK." His hands were shaking as though he had a palsy. It was slow going, he seemed totally thrown by the fact that the buttons on a woman's blouse are on the opposite side. When he finally had her decent again she smiled and said. "You're cute." She took a pen out of her purse and then took his palm in her hand and wrote a phone number on his hand. "Call me sometime, my name's Samantha. Maybe you can practice unbuttoning my blouse." She turned and walked out, trying not to bust out laughing. The number she'd given him was for this woman she'd only met once, a cunt who was married to one of her husband's friends. Hopefully Project VoyeurSam would get an interesting phone call in the near future.

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