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"OK, Nick,” said Wendell, “I want you to get on the floor and move up between Nancy’s thighs now. Let’s keep her panties Project Voyeur on for a while, but you can get busy on her upper thighs and her pussy through her panties. Remember: go slow. These are foreplay shots. Keep your head a little to the left. I’m going to be shooting just past the right side of your face.”

Nick, naked except for his socks, stopped fondling his huge erection and crawled over in front of my wife, who still lay as Wendell had positioned her with her legs spread and her neck pressed (uncomfortably?) against the back of the couch. She had both feet on the carpet in front of her so her crotch was available to Nick just at the edge of the couch.
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As Wendell got ready to shoot, he stood a few feet from Nick and Nancy, leaning forward slightly. At first, he was blocking my view so I couldn’t see exactly what Nick was doing between my wife’s legs. Then, thankfully, he moved enough to the right that I could see perfectly. John and Jerry, standing just behind Wendell, could see even better than I, of course. Jerry still had an obvious hard-on.

Nick was taking his time nibbling, kissing, and licking Nancy’s inner thighs about six inches below her panties. He stopped momentarily to lift Nancy’s right leg up and to rest it on his left shoulder. Then he resumed kissing Project Voyeur her thighs, moving his mouth higher and higher until he reached the hem of her panties. Nancy was quivering again. Her eyes were closed ecstatically and she began pinching her own erect nipples.

Even though Nick’s head between my wife’s legs sometimes obscured my view of what he was doing, my cock (no match for his!) had become hard again. When Nick’s head stopped moving from thigh to thigh and centered on her crotch, Nancy made a little gasping noise and I noticed his jaw-bone working hard. It was obvious that he was kissing and sucking her cunt through her panties.
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Wendell stopped shooting for a few seconds to give directions. He told Nick he wanted him to pull my wife’s panties to the side, the side away from the camera, and to caress and finger her for a while. He asked Nancy if this was OK with her and she answered, “Yeah, I guess so.” When he started shooting again, Nick removed Nancy’s leg from his shoulder and returned her left foot to the carpet. Then, though he hadn’t been told to, he slid his naked body up between her legs and began squeezing her breasts and kissing her nipples again. Wendell quickly responded to this improvisation by moving a couple of feet to the right for a better angle.

After a minute or so of this, Nick slid back down Nanc Project Voyeur y’s body, leaving her nipples wet and elongated, until he was again on the floor between her legs. He rested his head against her right thigh and slowly moved his right hand up her left thigh until he reached her panties. I had a perfect view of her crotch, which looked very wet, probably from his saliva but maybe from her juices, too. Through the panties, Nick gently stroked her cunt. She was still quivering with excitement and, maybe involuntarily, began moving her crotch up and down against Nick’s hand.

Wendell had moved back into position for crotch-shot-vid Project Voyeur eoing, except he was now on one knee to get a lower angle. Jerry, standing behind Wendell and thinking no one would notice, was rubbing his hard-on through his pants. John was on both knees next to Wendell, watching the action as though fixated.

Wendell stopped shooting to do a little cheerleading. “Look at that, Nick. You’ve got her soaking wet. And she’s already starting a fucking motion. Are you sure about no fucking, darling? You’ve seen Nick’s big cock. Are you sure you don’t want it inside you?”

My wife answered gaspingly, as though having trouble controlling her breath, “Yes! Oh, God. I mean, yes, I mean it. No fucking!”

“I’ll check back with you in a little bit,” said Wendell as he resumed shooting.

Nick slowly put the fingers of right hand beneath the crotch of Nancy’s panties. He pressed his knuckles against her cunt lips, causing her to gasp and raise her hips off the edge of the couch, then tugged the crotch of the panties away from her cunt. They had been tight and clinging to her. Now he had loosened them. Project Voyeur

Reaching up with his left hand, he slowly pulled the panty crotch to the left until my wife’s beautiful cunt, the swollen lips parted and glistening wet and the light-brown hair just above it darkened from her juices, was on full display to everyone. Wendell turned off the camera and said, “That’s great. I’m going to focus on that beautiful pussy for a while, Nick. Play with it for a minute, then take her panties all the way off.”

Even before Wendell resumed shooting, Nick, his face only twelve inches away from her cunt, had begun stroking Nancy’s cunt-lips with his right hand. Then, slowly, he inserted his index and middle fingers deep inside her. Her body stiffened and she gasped, “Oh, God!” Then, as Wendell began shooting again, he pulled his fingers out and brought them up to his lips. He licked the cunt juice from them. Wendell stopped aga Project Voyeur in and told him to repeat the sequence; he hadn’t caught all of it. So, with Wendell’s camera going, Nick again inserted two fingers inside my wife, moved them in and out several times, and brought them back to his mouth where he licked them off.

Next, Nick bent forward and put his mouth on Nancy’s cunt. I couldn’t see clearly because his head was in the way, but I think he was sticking his tongue as deep inside her as it would go, then pulling it out and licking her clit. He kept this up for well over a minute as Nancy obviously became more and more aroused. Then, after several more minutes (during which Nick paid special attention to her clit) my wife’s groans and t Project Voyeur witching increased until she clenched her fists and let out a high-pitched squeal, which meant, I knew, that she was having an intense orgasm!

That did it for me, too. Watching my wife being eaten to orgasm was too much. I jerked my cock a few final times and came again into the paper towel.

Nick left off eating Nancy as soon as she came and stood up. His big cock was still at full attention. Without waiting for direction, he reached forward under Nancy’s arms and raised her a few inches so her back rested more comfortably against the back of the couch. She was limp. Her eyes seemed glazed over. Then he climbed up on the couch to the left of her and, with his right hand, held his cock up to her face until it almost touched her. He placed his left hand behind her neck and pulled her face to his cock until its large purple head was touching her right cheek. Her cheek glvistened where the end of Nick’s cock had touched it.

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