Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Soapy and sudsy

Soapy and sudsy

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I was tired of the same old thing. Pose like this, pose like that, hold that pose for five minutes, now move like this. These were my instructions for two hours a day, five days a week. My mind was numb from the boredom and the twenty bucks an hour I was getting wasn't much compensation. Being a nude model for a college art class was no fun at all. When I first started this job I thought I'd have sexy coeds coming on to me in droves. Afterall, I had a ripped body and was well hung. After my first week I realized all I was to these people was a slab of meat to be studied. I was a nobody. Project Voyeur No one flirted with me, said anything nice or even wondered what my name was. I was fed up and looking for some fun to liven up this dreary class so I decided to do something unexpected and shocking. I allowed myself to develop an erection. Normally I have perfect control over my penis when I am in class. I have never been embarrassed by an undesired erection. Today I desired one and it responded beautifully.

I was standing in front of the class with my arms behind my back. The students were doing detailed studies of my torso and abdomen. Some were using pen and ink, Project Voyeursome pencils, others charcoal. Seemingly, from out of the blue my cock began to rise. At first it was barely noticeable, but the longer I thought of nude women or of some of my sexual escapades from the past the quicker the blood flowed into it. About a quarter the way up some people in the class stopped drawing and stared at it. Halfway up most eyes in the class were on it. A few students were engrossed in their work and were missing the show. They were given nudges by their neighbors to look up from their easels. Finally, my penis was fully erect. When erect it's about nine inches long and very thick. It has a nice banana like curve to it.
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The classroom was as silent as an empty church until the class instructor clapped her hands together and told the students to get back to work. She had been dumbfounded like everyone else but after what seemed like ages she recovered her composure. She threw me the robe I wear on breaks and told me to come back when I had pacified my member. The students giggled when she said the word "pacify". I put on robe and walked past the students to the dressing area in the back of the class still sporting my huge erection.
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It took awhile but I finally managed to tame my erection. My penis was in its normal flaccid state when I once again began to pose for the students. Everyone was back into their normal routine when my penis began to lengthen and harden again. Of course I was egging it on by thinking sexual thoughts. Someone yelled from the back of the class that it was on the rise again and everyone once again stared at it. When it reached its full length and hardness a few women clapped. People laughed. I bowed. That brought the house down. When everyone had stopped laughing the instructor threw my robe over my erection and said that I should take the rest of the class off. Obviously I had a problem that wasn't going to go away. Project VoyeurI apologized and feigned embarrassment. Deep inside I was laughing my head off. This was fun.

The only problem with the instructor's suggestion was that the students would be left without a model and without one there was no sense them being here. Afterall, they were here to learn about and draw the anatomy of the male physique. I brought this to the instructor's attention. My logic won her over. However,she told the class that anyone who was uncomfortable with the situation could leave. Everyone stayed. So, for the rest of the class I posed with a raging hardon.

At the Project Voyeurend of the class, and after everyone had left, the instructor told me to keep my cock limp tomorrow or she'd find someone else to pose for the class. I told her I would take care of the problem tonight and not to worry, there would be no repeat of today's occurrence. That night I jerked off three times, each time spilling a major load. Having an erection in front of a group of people turned out to be Project Voyeur a major turnon for me.

When I arrived the next day for class I informed the instructor I had drained my balls dry last night and the last thing to expect today was a hardon. Her face turned red at my not so diplomatic language, then she walked away without saying a word. I snickered.

At the beginning of my break, at the midpoint of the class, I was approached by two female students. They wanted to know if I was going to sport another erection today. I explained that I would be fired if it happened again and openly wondered why they Project Voyeur wanted to see me erect. It turned out they needed to finish some drawings they had begun yesterday. They showed them to me. They were very realistic but incomplete. Parts of my penis and torso were missing. I told them I couldn't help unless the class instructor okayed their request. When I got back from my break the instructor pulled me to the side of the room and asked me if I could stay after class to do some posing for a few students who had not finished yesterday's work. I readily agreed. The two coeds I had talked to earlier smiled at me from across the room. I smiled back.

At the end of the class everyone filed out, except for the two coeds. The class instructor locked the doors to the room, to bar any unwanted intrusions she Project Voyeurexplained. I dropped my robe and the coeds took their places behind their easels. The instructor sat at the back watching me. As luck would have it, I couldn't get an erection. Performance anxiety and the fact that I had jerked off three times the night before kept me limp. I explained what the problem was. They suggested I use my hand so I proceeded to fondle myself. It didn't work out too well. I could only get to half staff. The instructor was irritated with my sad sack erection. She went into her office and came back with a book of female nudes. She held the book for me as I leafed through it looking at the naked women and stroking my cock. It didn't work. I turned red with embarrassment.
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One of the coeds reached under her easel and picked up her purse. She withdrew a small container of hand lotion then walked over to me. Squirting some on her hand she rubbed it into my cock. She slowly worked her hand up and down the length of my member. That did the trick. It became as hard and as long as the day before. The coed took the instructors hand and placed it on my prick. The instructor took the hint and proceeded to copy what the coed had just done. The coed went back to her easel and proceeded to work on her drawing. Not a word had been said between any of us.
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Awhile later, the coed who had used the hand lotion on my cock, asked the instructor to take a look at her drawing. The instructor motioned for the other coed to take her place while she looked at their work. This coed was as good at giving a handjob as the other two. She slipped her hand up and down my shaft slowly and methodically, keeping me rigid and extended but never bringing me to the edge of orgasm. A drop of precum dripped from my cock. She scooped it up with her fingers and stroked it into my cock. The instructor resumed stroking me after she had finished her critique of the students work. I would moan occasionally and the instructor, fearful I was going to ejaculate would stop stroking my cock, but when my cock started to lose its hardness she would begin to stroke it, bringing it back to its full hardness. We went on like this for about a half hour or so until the coeds had completed their drawings.

The instructor stopped stroking my cock and went over to see the students finished work. After carefully scrutinizing their drawings she smiled and praised them profusely for such a fine job. The two coeds squealed with delight and hugged each other. I walked over and looked at their work. The drawings were exquisite. Both featured my engorged penis prominently and were of such quality that they looked like photographs. I congratulated them both. Project Voyeur From out of the blue the instructor suggested I autograph the drawings. I thought that was a wonderful idea and reached for a pen. The instructor slapped my hand and said she had something else in mind. She whispered in the coeds ears for a few moments. The three of them giggled. In a flash the coeds were holding their pictures a few feet in front of me. The instructor was on her knees stroking my cock. She pumped it swiftly but gently. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the wonderful sensations my cock was feeling. I thought I felt a tongue lick the end of it but perhaps it was my imagination. A few seconds later my cock erupted. I opened my eyes and watched it squirt its juices all over the Project Voyeur drawings. The women cheered me then laughed like school girls. The coeds then placed the pictures on the table behind them,allowing the small gobs of cum to soak into the paper.The instructor told them to leave the pictures with her overnight as she had something special planned for them. Each of the women thanked me for staying late. I said it was my pleasure. We all laughed. I cleaned up, got dressed and went home.

The next day at class I saw what the instructor had in mind. She had posted the pictures I had cum on the bulletin board at the front of the classroom. She told us how wonderful she thought they were and that all her students should aspire to such excellence. People asked what the dried stains were and she told them she had accidently spilled water on them. Only the four of us knew what those stains really were and none of us every told anyone. Needless to say I had many unexpected erections during the remaining weeks of the course and many times I had to stay after class to autograph some more pictures. Project Voyeur

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